Cleaning Person Job Description

What Needs To Be Cleaned

360 Connecticut St and 27 19th Street

76 Chenango (My home) 

Other Random

We have one AirBnB. It currently pays $100 for 1-2 days, $145 for longer stays, and $175 for greater than a month

If we do a tenant apartment flip, I would likely ask for some level of help cleaning it for the new tenant. Generally speaking, this would bill additional.

If my truck is at any location while you are cleaning, I might request that you do a quick interior clean on it.

We have cleaning budget. As of June 2023, it's set at $13,200/ year. 

Optics are the most important thing—not germs and dust. Yes, certain things such as sinks and toilets need to be cleaned—but if you find yourself dusting filing cabinets, you'll probably not have time to get the job done on budget.

So when you walk up to a property what do you see? How is it perceived by a new potential tenant? Is there trash in the flower bed? Is the lobby clean? Can we see clearly out of the windows? Is there a pile of bulk mail next to the mailbox? Know how much time you can afford to spend, and then do the most you can for your allotted time. You set your own time budget and find a way to make it work. I am only worried about the results.

~John Krytus